Software Developer

Who I am?

I am a computer scientist by profession, I love software development and education, I develop Artificial Intelligence models. I manage some technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. In software development I like Python programming language and Django framework. With web technologies I handle Html5, Css3 and JavaScript. I enjoy other areas such as Computer Security, IoT, Computational Thinking, Video Editing. I am currently researching the implications that exist in being able to detect Attention through computer vision techniques and are analyzed with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Age34
  • NationalityEcuadorian
  • City/CountryLoja, Ecuador
  • Phone+593 992018216
  • Freelanceavailable


Master of Computer Science and Tecnology

2021 Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

Master of Computer Science, investigation on Deep Learning and Attention

Bachelo'r of Informatics Educational

2011 Universidad Nacional de Loja

Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences with a major in Educaional Informatics

Profecional Experience

Teacher of Computation

2013 - 2022 Escuela de Educación Básica Antonio Peña Celi

Computer Science, Networks, Education.


2019 - Current Instituto Superior Tecnológico Juan Montalvo

Computer Science I and II, Networks I and II, Networks, Operating Systems I and II, IoT Networks.


2021 - Current Abacom

Python Programming Course, Linux Server Administration Course


2022 - Current Universidad Internacional del Ecuador

School of Engineering in Information Technologies, Interfaces and Multimedia, Artificial intelligence, Database Organization, Programation Advance, Mobile Programming.

Developer Skills


Django/Flask/FastAPI/PyScript Framework

Deep Learning

Coding Skills




I know

Responsive Design

Development Python

Freelance of Python language, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Keras/Tensorflow, Open CV, Django Framework, Flask Framework, Fast API, PyScript



Mantenience of Servers Gnu/Linux, Debian Server and derivates (Ubuntu Server), Red Hat Server and derivates (CentOS, Roky Linux, Alma Linux), WPS, Web Server, NextCloud Server + Tor, Matrix and more.



Facilitator of courses in Tecnology, Education, Organization, Automatizatión and more



Services of assesor from Pymes and MicroPymes in thecnology, education, Organization and more.